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I was speaking to a friend, Nicole Giles, who is the Director of Marketing and Multicultural Affairs for the Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO), and she shared with me the importance of supporting SELMA this weekend. SELMA is a highly anticipated civil rights movie that is eerily relevant in timing and tone, to the current events plaguing our community today.


Nicole, who attended a pre-screening of the movie, shared “SELMA is the first story with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the center. Writer/Director Ava Duvernay superbly and tastefully makes him human and relatable in a way that we have never seen him portrayed before.  It is a GREAT film… great script, great dialogue, excellent casting and inspired acting performances. If we want to see more films like this, we need to support this film, and not wait for DVD or Netflix.”

This weekend, January 9-11th, is OPENING WEEKEND!  Be sure to check it out at a theatre near you.

“The more you can understand that they were just like us, the more you can understand what they did.” –Ava DuVernay


Sulaiman Rahman


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